Helping health & wellness brands navigate the social media landscape

As specialists in health & wellness, we understand the complexity of this tricky marketplace and we’re pretty darn good at it - creating award winning, effective campaigns that engage your target audiences and deliver results for your brands.

It’s the same approach we use in social marketing.

From planning to implementation, we design world class social media campaigns that engage your audience and deliver measurable ROIs for your brand. Even better, we ensure everything we produce is approvable by your regulatory team.  

We offer a wide range of social media services including: consulting & strategy, content creation, TAPS
(Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting System) liaison & approvals, campaigns, community management, media placement.

Whether you’re already in the social space or looking for new directions and ideas, we can help your brand get results. Talk to Talei Wong our Social Media Specialist via email or on 021 514 200.


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TAlei Wong - In-house
social media SPECIALIST

With experience in both health & wellness marketing and consumer social, Talei is able to offer clients practical, relevant, measurable and approvable (yes!) social media campaigns.

“I love how social enables us to reach and connect with customers on a deeper, emotional level. Being part of the conversation helps us gain insights and build meaningful relationships with customers that can shift them from being mere ‘consumers’ to proud advocates for your brand.”