Post heart attack GP campaign

The cardiovascular patient’s GP is the healthcare professional best placed to monitor this patient’s progress.  However, whilst Cardiologists will generally advocate for 12 months duration of therapy with Brilinta due to the clinical benefit this offers, GPs may not be fully aware, yet are charged with the ongoing management of that patient.

Our campaign aims to show just how fragile their post Acute Coronary Syndrome (usually heart attack) patient is, even if they look and feel well – their next heart attack could be just around the corner.

So whilst GPs may not be the initiators of the Brilinta prescription, they are the ones responsible for the ongoing management of these patients, and can help support the patient to complete their intended duration of therapy. To assist in this we have armed them with the knowledge to convince their patients of just how important it is that they complete the full 12-month course. To help with this important job, we also created a patient web page to help them and their family to understand what their doctor is telling them.

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