Maltofer launch

A great many New Zealanders are diagnosed as being iron deficient and therefore require oral iron supplementation. 

Unfortunately, the most common treatments on the market have some fairly terrible side effects, which can be so intolerable that many people just stop taking them.

Maltofer provides another option that is proven to be far easier on the system. We helped Aspen NZ launch Maltofer to market with a creative campaign that showed doctors, nurses and pharmacists that oral iron treatment can have a softer side.

Iron – both as a treatment and in its metal form - is known for being hard and harsh. Our creative shows a cute black kitten, on closer inspection, we see that she has iron filings for her fur. 

The iron kitten (aka Ferrokitty) symbolises Maltofer as the treatment option with the softer side-effect profile. This unique image stands out in the crowded marketplace of iron supplementation.

Medical channels: Pharmacy Today online and digital advertising, NZ Doctor online and digital advertising, surgery and pharmacy materials, direct mail and staff education.

Maltofer ad.jpg