Living Beyond IBD app 

52.6% of Kiwis identify as having poor health literacy, meaning they have trouble comprehending basic health information. And if you are dealing with a complex health issue, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), this challenge is even greater.   

Given that medication is just part of the solution, we helped Janssen create Living Beyond IBD, a series of interactive modules that were pre-loaded on to iPads for patients to use during their infusions. Our aim was to give the patient the confidence to proactively manage their condition - rather than their condition managing them.  

The content included:  

  • Relaxation techniques created by health psychologists 

  • Coping strategies and techniques 

  • Real life patient interviews in video format

  • Nutrition and exercise advice 

  • Managing work & personal relationships

Living Beyond IBD is presented in an easy to navigate, interactive magazine style - one point at a time, so it is easy to digest. The content is relevant and delivered in a tone that is friendly and supportive. We want the patient to see a positive life ahead, beyond the confines of the infusion clinic.

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