HPV immunisation - Men 18-26

Talking to men 18-26 about their health is really, really hard... lucky we know their weak spots.

The good news: The HPV vaccine is now funded for men and women 9-26.  The bad news: We had to engage with young men on getting immunised - and by crikey are they hard to talk to on anything, let alone health.

When we're faced with a challenge, we're not afraid to let a bit of research help guide our strategic and creative thinking. So after some enlightening conversations about young men's attitudes to health, we understood what we needed to do.

We couldn't complicate the message - nor could we rely on men alone to step up and go to their GP - we needed help.

He may not be willing to listen to us, but good luck not listening to his girlfriend! They were included as an integral part of the brief to engage with men and get them to visit the bespoke website or see their GP.

And targeting these 'digital natives' meant that a few banner ads wouldn't suffice, so we added engaging videos and radio ads. 

Step into your 18-26 year old shoes and check out the videos, (herehere and here) and our two radio ads (here and here).

Consumer channels: Digital Video advertising. Display (Banner) advertising. Radio. Uni Posters. Website.

Medical channels: Print. Direct mail. Prescribers & nurses patient resources.