BLIS Probiotics: 
Pharmacy Brand Launch

Just how do you convince people that the beneficial bacteria in BLIS Probiotics could help against tooth decay, sore throats, bad breath or gum disease? And how could we translate the amazing natural science behind their products into a set of communications that the average Kiwi could understand?

Mode of action was the key. If we could get consumers to understand how oral probiotics worked, we could get them to see the benefit of using them.

Our campaign has kicked off with BLIS ToothGuard (and BLIS ToothGuard Junior), an oral probiotic that specifically looks after the health of teeth and gums. And with 8 other products to roll out over the next 6 months – watch this space.

Consumer Channels: Instore. Digital Video advertising. Display (banner) advertising.  Magazine advertising. Point-of-Sale. 

Medical Channels: Magazine advertising, Display (banner) advertising.