Anoro COPD campaign

COPD (specifically emphysema) is a hard diagnosis - it’s a debilitating disease that slowly robs a person of their ability to breathe. There is no cure.

For doctors and patients, success in the face of COPD is measured by the level at which patients can continue to live their lives as they always have. Patients long for normality, because normality is about being who you are as a person, it is the source of dignity.

ANORO can give people a good chance of maintaining normality. However, this does not necessarily mean doctors will prescribe it or patients are aware of it.

In a crowded market where most products were talking about themselves, we realised the best path for ANORO was to show what a COPD patient ultimately wants - their dignity.

Channels: Doctor materials, Newspaper advertising, Adshels, Mail drop, NZ Doctor advertising

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